Prosper as an executive coach

We offer a program to launch fresh or seasoned coaches into a thriving business.

A top-level executive coach must have...

  • a tough-minded commercial edge—flint,not fluff
  • empathy, both intellectual and emotional—willingness and ability to understand the client and the business
  • courage, frankness, compassion, fearless respect and a desire to help
  • polished coaching skills within transparent structures and processes
  • an understanding of business priorities, and experience or tools to enable depth of enquiry
  • ability to sell, and then prove, one’s own measurable value as a coach
  • ICF certification—(like a driver’s licence: you need it but it doesn’t make you a good driver)
  • reputation—built from experience doing it right and delivering value, not just time on the job.

Clients invest in executive coaching to help move themselves and their business forward. They expect adaptability in coaching approaches according to their specific needs. They expect valuable outcomes and a high return on their investment—measurable, not just feel-good.

As a professional executive coach you must be able to sell that investment and deliver the return—measurably.

In our professional executive coaching program you will learn how to develop the value mindset; how to deliver value and the perception of value; how to sell your value; and how to get certified, get ahead, and stay ahead, as an executive coach.

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