Beyond coaching

What makes Leading Coach different?

We maximise client value beyond just coaching!

Ensuring our clients’ success in defining and achieving their stated values and goals is strongly supported by how we adapt to our clients’ preferred way of acquiring knowledge and skills:

  • by guided exploration and self-discovery
  • by learning incrementally on-the-job
  • by stepping through structured processes
  • by hearing from a credible source when in a receptive frame of mind
  • or, most often, a combination of all these, which varies markedly from one person to another.

A Leading Coach-trained professional executive coach applies a powerful and eclectic toolbox of skills, styles, and resources. The coach maximises client benefit by moving comfortably through many forms of coaching, depending on client expectations, needs, culture and style, using evidence-based methods, and is not locked into one methodology or philosophy.

We maximise client value and success through our expertise in identifying the most effective coaching approach for every individual.

That's what makes us different.