Us—we can work together

I can help you to develop presence, self-awareness and other leadership qualities, to influence, to maximise your talents.

You can help me to understand your environment, your challenges and yourself, and I can help you to to achieve promotion and then to excel in the new assignments that you take on.

Or—if you are looking to develop others—I can help you to help them to get the best out of themselves.

Individual Coaching

We explore your goals and ambitions and develop a strategy to achieve them.

We then execute on the strategy: you do the work; I monitor, question, advise and help you to hold yourself accountable.

We work on projects or problems that arise in your work, rather than a fixed agenda of content. » Read more on Individual Coaching

Group Coaching

We do all the above (individual coaching)—and also work in a small group.

The group meets several times over several months, and each time we have a specific theme and objectives—which is important, but is secondary to practical learning opportunities. We look at what you are doing in your job now, and how to apply this new knowledge. » Read More on Group Coaching

Transition Optimisation

What worked on the last few jobs may not work in the next one.

Career changes - transfers, promotions, new jobs, new projects - each bring their own challenges. What worked on the last job (and got you promoted) may not work on the next, and in fact may work against you. Many careers have ended suddenly and surprisingly in a failure to recognise this.

You must understand the new role and its demands (which change predictably over time); strategise the upcoming career change for fast transition and success; and execute from before the starting date - and not default to old patterns or habits under pressure. » Read More on Transition Optimisation


Possible, but I don’t do much training. Here’s why:

The Pitchdoctor

For when the stakes are high.

We work together on a specific, high-value pitch, as adviser or coach. Or we practise the Raindance together. » Read more on The Pitchdoctor

Other Customised Offerings

Train-the-trainer, offsites, emcee coaching, keynote speeches, and more...

Together we will develop a program
that is right for you and your organisation.

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