Transition Optimisation

A ‘transition’ means a new job, whether through promotion or transfer, or with a new employer.

Transitions present both opportunity and danger, for the individual and for the company. Getting it right, quickly, can bring great success. Doing it wrong, or too slowly, can bring losses and setbacks for the company, and career disaster for the individual. Transitions usually go too slowly. Far too often, they go bad. A structured approach, with a moderate investment in time and coaching fee can bring high returns.

Successful executives transition on average every 3-4 years. Traps and mistakes are predictable, but often hidden in blindspots. I have encountered some through ‘rescues’—when things were going very badly for the prospective coachee. Typically neither the executive nor the employer understood the type of transition involved; they knew the company, the job description, the goals, and past performance, but had not considered the timing or the environment, and what specific strategies were needed.

I take a structured approach to transitions, which produces success, and measurable ROI for the employer. We start well before the official start date, analyse the environment and the person, develop a transition strategy, and then continue through execution, especially monitoring communication, relationships, critical results and perceptions at all levels.

Contact me NOW if you are an executive facing a new challenge, or an employer wanting quick effectiveness and high ROI from a planned transfer or new hire. (Or if you have a suspicion that a current transition is not going well.)

And remember: there are some enormously valuable moves you can make before the change that never again become possible.

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