For leaders—just when you thought you knew all you need to know about communication…

You have developed your own style—you saw it work, you adopted it, perfected it, and it is who you are—and you just know that it is effective. But it is not always as effective as you think.

Every communication style has its time, but we each tend to adopt one approach and tie ourselves to it. We are like a broken clock: perfectly right twice a day.

It's all about timing. Some people are inspirers, some are collaborators, some are wizards at demanding performance, and so on. This framework takes a structured look at how and when each style works, why you should vary your approach, and specifically when and how to do so. But… it will challenge your faith in your own communication style, and so is only for those willing to accept that challenge, and the possibility that they may have to change their own view of themselves. It is then easy, and supremely valuable, learning.

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