Self-awareness is the ability and desire to look dispassionately at yourself, and especially at your own behaviour and how it compares to your own standards. (Or, assessing yourself as others assess you.)

What is the value of self-awareness?

Self-awareness creates motivation to become what you aspire to be, not just delude yourself that you are. It will set and keep you on a course to discover how you can be more effective, a better thinker, a better listener, less emotional and more emotionally empathic, a more influential speaker, and more.

  • It enables a more reasonable (reason-able) expectation of yourself (more focused, more achievable, probably higher).
  • It enables in turn a deeper, clearer and less judgemental window into other people—their motivations, feelings, reasoning, and
  • helps you to empathise and clarify expectations of others (achievable, reasonable, higher), and achieve better performance
  • helps you to identify qualities in people you had not appreciated
  • helps you to recognise and realign or weed out the pretenders, toxic complainers or others who weaken your group and your leadership.
  • ...and much more.

Self-awareness is the Holy Grail of self-development.
The quest for it never ends.

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