You are an executive.

You are intelligent and competent. You are, or are becoming, a leader. You are successful and ambitious—perhaps already a CEO.

Yet you have seen people less competent able to project a more favourable perception of themselves. You would like that ability, without compromising your integrity.

You know the business, the market, the challenges, the competition—and you know what needs to be done. But you cannot do it alone—you must influence others to want to help you do it.

You want to achieve what most others could not; to make a difference; to influence others to follow you; to manage change for the better, and to be recognised for that.

You will be promoted, transferred, or recruited—you won’t stand still. You want to produce astounding results every time you make a transition, while keeping your work-life balance intact. But some of the key attributes that have propelled you so far are the very attributes that will hold you back or destroy your career. You must identify these and address them.

You are a good person. You sometimes wonder how you can stay that way and still prosper in this cutthroat world of confrontation, negativity and distrust.

You present well. People have told you that, but you would like to take it further. You see people with a charismatic presence about them; a voice of power; a magic that draws others to listen, to open up, and to agree when it really matters; an ability to extract profound meaning from a discussion, in just a few words. You would like to understand that presence, and have more of it.

You know that you will compete against many others in the career stakes, and that some will have excellent coaches. You know that you cannot compete against two minds.

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