You are a CEO, senior manager, or HR or L&D professional.

You have people who are very good at what they do, but need something more to take them to the next level.

You are promoting, transferring or hiring someone into a new job, and you would like fast transition, low risk, and high ROI.

You have people who know, but do not communicate their knowledge adequately, willingly, or engagingly.

You are looking for something better for your executives, something that fits with your own desire to move beyond the ordinary, the pedestrian, the mundane, while staying grounded in the daily reality of business.

You know that, certainly at executive levels, cramming lots of competencies into a creative mind is inadequate at best and even counter-productive. You know that what your best people need is phronesis—the practical wisdom to connect the competencies—the motivation to pursue that wisdom, and the attitude and ability to separate themselves from mere competencies and understand, motivate, align and lead others who have them.

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