Other Customised Offerings

Train-the-trainer, Coach-the-coach

If you like the approaches and philosophies expressed here, and would like your own coaches or trainers to share them and bring in higher ROI on your internal programs, contact me to discuss how we might achieve that.


Talk to me if you would like a creative and productive approach to an offsite experience, whether for a specific output, for learning, or for team-building. English or bilingual Japanese-English (or maybe even Mandarin).

Ask about my Big Storytelling Day Out (see sidebar on this page)—learn, solve problems, dissolve conflicts in an offsite environment over one or two days.


I facilitate meetings, especially at upper leadership level.

Onsite or offsite; meetings to tackle specific issues; strategy sessions, etc. No fluffy stuff. Contact me if you insist on messages, mission, values, etc. that are meaningful to grounded people who both think and care. Bilingual or multilingual possible. (Or I can teach your own people to do this.)

Keynote speeches

I offer engaging, motivational, instructive keynote speeches at a high professional level.

Tell me your goal for a conference or other gathering and let’s see if I can help you achieve it.


I MC various events and I can coach you in how to do this—whether moderating serious corporate events such as client seminars, introducing guest speakers at professional functions, or MCing social events or NPO fundraisers. I will consider pro bono requests for genuine NPO events (MC, auctioneer, or coach). Ask me.

MCing is not entertaining. It is quiet leadership with a big smile—thinking, planning and balancing, and making everyone else a star. It may look easy, but is hard work to do properly. It is enormously satisfying when you know that you enabled the success that others are enjoying. And remember: when it goes well, others get the credit; but when things go wrong, you are the one in the spotlight, looking silly. Believe me, that spotlight just gets hotter. So let me help you get it right.

If you are a celebrity or entertainer, then you may get MC requests. Talk to me: I can help you do it thoughtfully and well, and even make a business of it.

If you are not a celebrity or entertainer (like me), MCing will not make you one (we have all seen people of low social awareness who did not realise that).

But it can make you a successful quiet leader.

Contact me to discuss my customised offerings.